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“Through 26 years of studying, working, and researching law in over 30 countries, I realized that if we all grasp, understand, and work according to the law, we can avoid the troubles as much as possible. The general mentality of everyone is that the law is a complicated and painful issue, so almost every case or matter is entrusted to a lawyer. Therefore, I returned to my hometown after a long time in foreign countries with the desire to bring the law closer to the people and serve the country.” – Mindset of Dr.Lawyer Do Huu Chien.

Stemming from a practical and urgent need for solving legal problems in social life, and at the same time helping readers find the simplest and most optimal solution for understanding and solving problems. For legal issues, KING ATTORNEY APP JOINT STOCK COMPANY, founded by Lawyer - Arbitrator Do Huu Chien, has launched Mobile App and Website version to serve the domestic and foreign communities.

Website is the form on the computer of APP KING ATTORNEY (App KA), a law platform incorporating high-tech mobile applications. This is a tool to assist readers in searching for legal documents quickly and conveniently through 05 main sections: General Law - Specialized Law - Executive - Litigants - Litigation. The section “Common Law” includes the Constitution and all laws such as Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Labor Code, bilateral treaties and multilateral treaties, and case law... The "Specialized Law" section includes specialized legal documents on real estate, commercial business, banking, tax, education, insurance, lawyer and assistant legal aid, investment, etc., with attached documents such as resolutions, decrees, decisions, circulars, continuous circulars. Sections "Executive", "Participants", and "Litigation" are also gradually updated to provide details for users to use easily.

Mobile App and Websites are equipped with many features such as search by text and voice like Google, but it is better than just finding the proper legal documents that users want. The "Law Question and Answer" section includes "You ask - KA answers" and "Law Situations" that provide thousands of real-life situations, experiences from judges, prosecutors, lawyers...

In addition, a series of legal manuals such as: "Standard contract in lawyer style", "Experience in using common contract templates", "Detecting fraudulent exchanges", "Crisis handling". Communication", "Handling the crisis of "charity" and "charity fund", "Secrets for investors", "The role of lawyers & high-tech platforms in Vietnamese society today" , "Identify fraudulent real estate investment", "Identify fraudulent multi-level business"...will be updated by the Website, enriching the source of documents to serve the urgent needs of the community.

Readers can download the KING ATTORNEY APP to their phones via CH Play or Appstore to facilitate the search. King Attorney aims to expect applications that will help you access the law and can be disseminated to other countries after adding your country's law. The application will be a representative of introducing projects with outstanding potential in terms of intelligence and leaping value to access investment capital from tycoons who have the desire to help Vietnam develop.

In addition, the legal service product packages provided to users include: a free legal aid package, general legal service package, start-up support service package

In particular, the company membership package includes Free user (free package), student user (student package 50% off compared to the company membership package 100,000 VND/year), and company user (company package 200,000 VND/year). ), high class user (premium package 2,000,000 VND/year) and Special VIP user (special VIP package 5,000,000 VND/year)

KING ATTORNEY APP JOINT STOCK COMPANY aims to build a nationally branded corporation while affirming its international position. Multi-disciplinary activities with a team of the best quality lawyers in Vietnam are the first choice of individuals and organizations

Providing the most effective legal services to clients, improving community knowledg


King Attorney puts the word MIND on the top. This will be a competitive weapon to build trust from customers, bringing longevity to King Attorney.


King Attorney is the gathering place of the quintessence of intellectual property in law on Blockchain and international finance platform from top Lawyers, Lawyers, and advisors with profound experiences.


Through the service process, King Attorney will constantly innovate to offer appropriate directions and solutions for each customer, bringing the best effect to the parties.